Mum, wife, business woman and golfer… but not always in that order since I took up golf 4 years ago. Passionately hooked on a game I thought looked boring until I got the bug. Handicap 18 and falling, I think!  Range junkie – can get through 100 balls in a session! – and I play as many times a week as my working life allows. Member at Bearwood Lakes Golf Club, one of the most beautiful courses in the UK (when I play well!). All our holidays are now golfing holidays. Biggest golfing regret – I went to uni in St Andrews and never held a club!

I am a prolific blogger. I also write blogs for Golf Monthly, Lady Golfer Magazine and WomensGolf.com

Website: www.golfpeach.co.uk

Business: www.dmcpr.co.uk


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