From the Range to the Course!

Don’t ever think just because you can strike a ball well on the range that you can do it on the course!

Be prepared for the shock of all those beautiful soaring strikes, that perfect sound when the club hits the ball square vanishing into thin air.

The fact you have a bucket of 50 balls and a forgiving mat to hit off can give you the illusion of being a golfer!!

When I first started learning golf that was one of the hardest things to accept – the range to course adjustment. What I have learned (and as the Range Queen at our home course I think I am qualified to comment!) is on the course you have to let go – relax and not think anymore than one swing thought.  Just hope you have practised enough on the range that there is some muscle memory subconsciously coming into play!


GolfPeach – why golf is harder than moutaineering!

Okay! Yes this is me. Summit of The Eiger 3967m high in the Bernese Alps overlooking Grindelwald, Switzerland in summer 2013. And  I promise it is soooo much easier than golf! So much more predictable. So much less frustrating. So much less can go wrong…..that is my opinion anyway. And I have climbed a few mountains –  Eiger, Mont Blanc and Matterhorn, so I sort of know! I have been climbing since 2005 and stopped abruptly in 2013 – because I had ticked the last box in my climbing wishes – The Eiger. By the Mittellegi route rather than the North Face (I know my limits) but I only climbed to get to the top. The next stop was Everest and I enjoy life too much to risk that. So when I had the chance to have a few golf lessons in September 2013, I thought okay why not?  Really expecting to not really enjoy it. To find it sedentary, slow, plodding, boring. And wow! What a surprise I was in for. The hardest, most challenging, most rewarding yet humbling sport I have ever tried. I would say to anyone who was a sceptic like me – don’t knock it till you have tried it. And you will either love it or hate it. There is not much room for any in between!

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