Tiger has the scent of a kill again…

A perfect Mother’s Day stretches ahead! A lunchtime tee time is booked with my other half and my two sons. The younger one has offered to rustle up Sunday brunch beforehand and a leg of lamb will be slow cooking in the oven while we are out on the course. Life is good… but a Tiger Woods victory in Florida tonight will be the icing on the cake.
Confession… I had a rather heavy hangover yesterday so I watched much more television sport than I ever would normally. I don’t really support a football team but I did feel sorry for Roy Hodgson. I’m a proud Scot so the rugby international in Dublin was frustrating, but the sporting event that really hooked me was the PGA tournament in sunny Tampa.
I’m more a doer than a watcher. I’m happy to spend a few sofa hours watching Nick Dougherty because it’s too dark to play, but only the Ryder Cup has ever truly engaged me like this latest Tiger revival. As I blogged for Golf Monthly last week, I have not been ‘into’ golf for long enough to truly appreciate the man’s status and importance to the game, but I’m getting a feel for it now.
He just has an aura. I can’t quite decide how much of it stems from what I know about him… good and bad!… or whether it’s simply that prowling presence that he exudes. He seems to have the scent of a kill again. Unsmiling and unshakeable, he still has a rogue tee-shot or two in his bag but we know that he knows he is right back in the hunt… and with less than a month to go to the Masters.
And Corey Conners will know it too. I’m not going to be upset if the young Canadian sees it through tonight. Victory would probably mean more to him than Woods, and to win from the last group out behind a noisy gallery following Tiger’s every menacing step would amount to a memorable success. Conners will no doubt see and hear every putt Tiger holes tonight. Good luck with that.
I have it on very good authority that Justin Rose is one of the very nicest men on tour, and Brandt Snedeker always looks a good guy too. But that’s not why the viewing figures will be swollen this evening, Justin and Brandt are not the reason that golf is back in the sporting headlines. This isn’t about the nice guys… it’s about the main man. Everyone at our club is staying up tonight and we all know why.
Tiger wants to give his ‘mom’, Tida, a happy day too.


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