Rolling up! C’mon ladies – let’s not be shy

First what is a roll up? Posting on instagram made me realise it is not a term maybe used much outside the UK.
In theory it works roughly like this: everyone who fancies playing rolls up (turns up) at the club between certain times and you play with whoever else has turned up and has put their name on the roll up list to make up a 4 ball. I think some versions are you roll up at a specific time and then pairs are drawn. At our club on Saturday and Sunday mornings you (in this case men or women – some clubs have men only or women only I believe) roll up between 730am and 10am and play with whoever is there. It can be daunting as there do seem to be groups of people who have (against the spirit of it) already agreed to play together. But on the whole I think it works, as long as you are not too shy!!.

Maybe it’s just our club. But I would love to know how it works in others. I have only ever been a member of one club so I don’t know. What I do know is that not many ladies roll up, in the true sense of the word, on these weekend mornings.

When I first started it didn’t even occur to me that nearly all the ladies leave the Saturday and Sunday morning roll ups to the guys – although they are definitely open to everyone; unless they pre-arrange to meet up with other ladies – or have a pre-arranged foursome.

Yes there are exceptions. Perhaps one or two others are happy to just roll up and to be fair perhaps some don’t mind rolling up, they just don’t fancy the randomness of who they might get ! But that is the exception not the rule.

And for many, ladies day on Thursday maybe ticks that ‘rolling up’ box. But I work, so Thursday is not often an option for me. Plus I like to play golf at the weekend. Sometimes my husband is working at the weekends and sometimes not. Sometimes he doesn’t want to play and I do. So I roll up with or without him. I know I probably shocked a few people when four years ago I just rocked on up with my 36 handicap and expected to be able to join in with whichever other random people rolled up that morning. But you know – it was cool, and I never felt that I wasn’t welcome. And it was a great way to meet more people in the club. They could also see I took it seriously and I already had the etiquette drummed into me so (as far as I am aware!!!) to date my female presence has never been an issue.

And the shock has definitely faded, I now play off 18 and I am a regular roller upper – actually an honorary ‘Sunday Boy’, along with a handful of other ladies. I really enjoy playing with the guys – especially the regular Sunday boys (the good, the bad, the ugly and the scratchy – haha you know who you are!!).

I know some ladies just don’t feel that confident about rolling up on their own, but if we all do it more, it will eventually become the norm and no one should feel shy about doing it. I don’t mind being on my own on the red tees on most Saturday and Sunday mornings but it would be fun to sometimes have another lady golfer to team up with and take on the guys!


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