You can step on my throat, but don’t ever step on my line!

Rules is Rules!

The first rules of golf were written by the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith in 1744 and most of them still apply today. Fittingly, unluckily, there were 13 rules in that original draft… and when you get out on the course with the gentlemen golfers of your local club you soon realise they can recite most of them word-for-word. Understanding one or two of them requires a geometry degree and an ability to recognise rabbit scrapings when you see them. The current rules number 28 and contain gems such as ‘a player must not give advice to a player other than his partner’. Golf is life! What singles golf out unusually from every other world sport played professionally for zillions of dollars is that even the most debatable rulings of the aptly-named Royal and Ancient governors of the game are religiously adhered to and accepted. To cheat at golf is a crime that no opponent will ever forgive. You can step on their throat but don’t ever step on their line.


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