Carry in Winter, Push in Summer!


I happily carry in the winter, as long as it is a light, slim bag ( I have a Sun Mountain)  – and I can fit all my favvy clubs in it! So in goes my putter, sandwedge, pitching wedge, 9,8 and 7 iron, my trusty rescue clubs (a 4 and a 6) and my driver. I can also fit in my water proofs in the side zip, and there are two large pouches for balls and other essentials! There’s a slot for my water bottle ( I drink copious amounts when playing – always top up at the halfway hut) and room for phone, tissues, nibbles and gloves.  And most importantly it has the legs to stand up on its own. My last pencil bag didn’t and it was horrible having to lie it down on wet or muddy ground!  So, what more does a girl need? Okay I slip some lippy in the side zipper.



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