Golf More Dangerous than Rugby? Read my blog in Golf Monthly

Golf Is More Dangerous Than Boxing Or Rugby?? Really??

Golf Course Rankings! Top 100? Really??

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Why Top 100 Golf Course Rankings Will Never Please All…

Read my article on! The 10 things they don’t tell you about golf!

I know that I am now a golfer… not because I have made a birdie on the Old Course at St Andrews, not because my name is on the honours board at my local club, not because I bought my husband a romantic ball marker on our last anniversary. I am a golfer because I have talked out loud to a golf ball, because I have found myself practising my wrist cock in a supermarket queue, because I have cried on a golf course. Read my article on the 10 things they dont tell you about golf on Lady

10 things they don’t tell you before you take up golf Features my Review from the Reds – New Zealand GC Surrey

I am delighted that have shared my review with their thousands of followers. Read the whole piece here: 

View From the Reds! New Zealand Golf Club, Surrey, England 🇬🇧

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