GolfPeach – why golf is harder than moutaineering!

Okay! Yes this is me. Summit of The Eiger 3967m high in the Bernese Alps overlooking Grindelwald, Switzerland in summer 2013. And  I promise it is soooo much easier than golf! So much more predictable. So much less frustrating. So much less can go wrong…..that is my opinion anyway. And I have climbed a few mountains –  Eiger, Mont Blanc and Matterhorn, so I sort of know! I have been climbing since 2005 and stopped abruptly in 2013 – because I had ticked the last box in my climbing wishes – The Eiger. By the Mittellegi route rather than the North Face (I know my limits) but I only climbed to get to the top. The next stop was Everest and I enjoy life too much to risk that. So when I had the chance to have a few golf lessons in September 2013, I thought okay why not?  Really expecting to not really enjoy it. To find it sedentary, slow, plodding, boring. And wow! What a surprise I was in for. The hardest, most challenging, most rewarding yet humbling sport I have ever tried. I would say to anyone who was a sceptic like me – don’t knock it till you have tried it. And you will either love it or hate it. There is not much room for any in between!


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